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May 20 2018


it’s so sad to see people be so into their religion that they forget the basic tenants of kindness & charity & being humble.

like u really think it’s an attendance grade huh?

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May 19 2018


rupaul: you’re stronger than you think, we want to see the real you, you have to bring it every single time

the girls acting like they have been given the most incredible piece of advice in the world:

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India | Girl of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan | © Surendar Balakrishnan

May 18 2018

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A stylish woman on the streets of San-Pédro, Ivory Coast. ©Joana Choumali


whoever invented PDFs was such a skinny legend

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Женщины Хадрамаута - провинции в южном Йемене.
Women from Hadramaut.

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Vintage Persian Men

May 16 2018

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this tea…

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Natanz, Iran - August 2010
Inside the mosque


Natanz, Iran - August 2010 Inside the mosque


Natanz, Iran - August 2010 Inside the mosque

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May 15 2018

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Stills from Chic Point Fashion for Israeli Checkpoints | 2003 Sharif Waked | b. 1964 Palestinian “Body parts peek through holes, gaps, and splits woven into ready-made garments. The clothes are designed to preempt the daily imperatives of the soldiers, who order Palestinians to lift clothes and expose their flesh as they cross the checkpoints. Chic Point juxtaposes the fashion show with a series of documentary stills from checkpoints, placing the spectator in a position that paraphrases the soldier’s gaze. The haute fashion line transfers the marking from the body to the apparel, and to the ensuing playful possibilities inherent in the relationship between the clothes and those who are wearing and removing them.”

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May 15th, 2018 will commemorate the Nakba (Palestinian Catastrophe) for the 70th year

On this event in 1948 Israel has:

  • Killed 13,000-20,000 Palestinians
  • Expelled 700,000-800,000 Palestinians out of their homes and denied them from returning (that’s 65%-80% of the Palestinian population back then) and turned them into refugees until this day
  • Destroyed 450-550 Palestinian cities, towns, and villages (that’s 70%-85% of the Palestinian cities, towns, and villages back then)
  • Stole Palestinian property and land that’s worth more than $301 billion in 2016 prices

We will never forgive nor forget, and we will defy Ben-Gurion’s (Israel’s first Prime Minister) vision of “the old will die and the young will forget.” and we will avenge our grandparents by returning Home.

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