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June 15 2017

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Diyarbakır Dağkapı'da kitap satıp okuyan görme engelli Süleyman Acar
“Ben kimseyi görmüyorum ama asıl acı veren kimsenin beni görmemesi.”

Just saw a straight couple holding hands .. can you be any more insensitive?

June 14 2017

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Ancient median/persian hairstyles and headdresses 

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pride mubarak

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kurdish wedding guests armed with ak-47s, southern kurdistan by michael yamashita

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me too melanie

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Shinichi Higashi
family portraits, 2012

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Kostis Fokas
Kostis Fokas #35, 2014

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I’ve been going to the same kebab place for months now because I felt some weird personal connection to the woman working there (she reminds me of my mom) it just feels like I’ve known her for months and today I actually talked to her and it turns out she is from dersim as well!! Can’t believe we have this secret connection

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Persian ‘zodiac’ rug, probably Kerman area, south west Persia, early 20th century, 6ft. 7in. X 4ft. 4in. 2.01m. X 1.32m.

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Everywhere u look

Dumb Ass Bitches

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Everytime I see this ad I feel like I’m being called a kafir

infidel yogurt drink


the devil wears lc waikiki canım

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Everytime I see this ad I feel like I’m being called a kafir

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Bandit Queen (1994)

I hate summer because I’m obsessed with hairy men legs like I’m literally addicted why is that such a sexy body part to me

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